The Future of Business is Here: Economics & Business Analytics at Patrick Henry College

The Future of Business is Here: Economics & Business Analytics at Patrick Henry College

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When Patrick Henry College crafted the Economics & Business Analytics (EBA) program we really believe that there was a hole in the higher education world that needed to be filled.  When Patrick Henry College faculty looked at business degrees in general in America, we believe that there was a bit of commoditization that had taken place.   When that happens sometimes the academic rigor becomes less important, it’s just about volume.

The faculty at Patrick Henry College took a close look by talking to business leaders and they told us what they were seeing from traditional business programs.  It was not really what they were looking for in today’s fast be based, technology oriented, and data driven business environment. Where leadership, innovation, good communications skills and thinking quantitatively were highly valued. They weren’t finding those kind of skills coming from the students, from the traditional business programs.  So Patrick Henry College crafted something different to meet those needs.

Economics is the foundation of the program, but if that we’re all we were doing it would be just an economics degree.  We wanted to make sure that our students could handle big data and big data requires some skills that are typically not emphasized in other business programs.  So we made sure that we were giving the application of these two fundamental tools, economics and mathematics, a very strong to focus on Business.

Patrick Henry College has included MBA leveled business courses at the undergraduate level in combination with the foundations of economics and mathematics. That combination gives a strong base to build a career, a future and we think our EBA program is absolutely unique in that regard.

Many business programs are really training middle level managers.  We’d like to think that at Patrick Henry College we training leaders and making sure that they’re a cut above those who are just being trained for middle  level management.

It’s not necessary for student coming to Patrick Henry College for the EBA program to just want to be a business executive.  You’ve got so many opportunities when you graduate with this degree, so many fields that have open to you, so many paths that you can pursue.  Our students are prepared to move in any of those directions with an EBA degree from Patrick Henry College.

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