5 Key Elements in The Strategic Intelligence in National Security Major at Patrick Henry College

5 key Element in The Strategic Intelligence in National Security Major at Patrick Henry College

by Jackson Katanic

The New Front in Terrorism

In the modern age of cyber-warfare, terrorism, and smart missiles, intelligent and moral leaders are needed more than ever. The past has proven that leaders who cannot make wise and just decisions quickly when entrusted with power can utterly devastate a nation. Patrick Henry College created the Strategic Intelligence in National Security Major for this very reason—to create leaders to make these kind of decisions with intelligence and biblical wisdom.

5 Key Elements in National Security

The Strategic Intelligence (SI) Major at Patrick Henry College incorporates five elements to make it a unique program: a classical core curriculum, professional preparation, special projects, moral imagination, and internships in Washington, DC.

International Validation

The program is certified by the International Association for Intelligence Education, making Patrick Henry College the second-ever undergraduate institution and the only Christian institution to achieve this honor. All the five elements work together to help SI majors inform important decisions.

An Interconnected Curriculum that is Broad and Rich

The classical core curriculum and development of moral imagination help students become strongly-grounded decision makers. Patrick Henry College’s core curriculum is designed to give all its students a firm, well-rounded comprehension of the world and its history. This comprehension powerfully influences strategic intelligence by helping graduates make theologically and philosophically informed choices, along with simply making them better people. Surprisingly, the Bible contains a profundity of information that applies to intelligence, how it can fulfill the goals it needs to while also not compromising on morality. Many other works help students to understand how to apply biblical morality better. Special emphasis is put on Edmund Burke’s concept of “moral imagination,” in which one uses moral knowledge to reason through a potentially complicated situation and come to the right answer. Patrick Henry College demonstrates in all its programs that ancient and classical principles apply as much today as they did in the past.

Special Projects

Most of Patrick Henry College’s majors place emphasis on real-world practice and internships and the SI major is no exception. Students begin their real-world experience in strategic intelligence by getting involved in what are called special projects. There are many options students can pick for special projects but they all involve doing intelligence work using real information from real sources. These kinds of work may involve reporting military movements of terrorists, smuggling information, or creating computer programs to analyze information. Patrick Henry College gives students access to geospatial information, military movements, border security, and other intelligence so students can get experience in what it’s like to be an actual intelligence officer. These projects especially focus on teamwork and leadership. Most students in special projects work in teams and are expected to be able to present their work professionally and coherently. While many other undergraduates who go into intelligence only get such experience after graduation, Patrick Henry College SI students can get experience in intelligence very early and have a leg up on competition.

Highly Competitive, Professional Internships

Along with special projects, Patrick Henry College SI students also get opportunities to get into highly sought-after internships, the highlight of the program. These internships can include places like the FBI, CIA, NSA, and other major government intelligence agencies. What is highly unusual about these internships is how students are able to get clearance to get into these organizations at very young ages. Most Patrick Henry College students who land these internships are only in their sophomore or junior years! There have even been freshmen who have obtained them before. Other internships they obtain include positions at humanitarian centers combating human trafficking or even private intelligence agencies, among many others. One specific track of SI known as Cyber-intelligence allows students to intern at cyber-security companies or government agencies, getting experience in cyber-related intelligence work such as combating illegal online trading.

Patrick Henry College graduates from the SI program have gotten positions in 13 of the nation’s 16 federal intelligence agencies, including the FBI, CIA, NSA, and US Army intelligence. One reason for this is the early experience Patrick Henry College students get in the SI program that was mentioned earlier. There are only a few undergraduate institutions around the nation that offer specifically strategic intelligence programs. Thus, there are very few individuals graduating with prior experience in the intelligence field and the gap needs to be filled.

Highest Standards of Excellence

While Patrick Henry College’s academic standards are among the highest in the nation, the SI program’s standards are even higher for one to get into and stay in the Strategic Intelligence program. Along with the regular writing assignments for admission to the school, students must also submit an SI-specific written application and be interviewed orally. They also must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher to stay in the program as well as complete all of the analytical training requirements.

Business Case for Entering the Field of Intelligence

Some students considering the SI program at Patrick Henry College may be afraid of getting a degree in a specific field that they will not end up using. However, the program is greatly applicable to other fields outside of intelligence. Many Patrick Henry College alumni of the SI program have gone on to various other fields, especially business management. The intense training in analysis, teamwork skills, and technology use gives SI students an upper hand in general workforce skills. Even if their extensive knowledge of intelligence is not put to use in their career, their many other skills they acquire from the program will be. Alumni can also utilize the cyber-intelligence track to go into all sorts of computing fields, including cyber-security, data analysis, programming, and others. Many SI majors have gone into private-sector cyber-security as this is a lucrative field as well as a much-needed one for the modern workforce.

To conclude, the Strategic Intelligence Major at Patrick Henry College is a powerful degree for teaching students to analyze and use intelligence-based skills. This is not only for a pragmatic approach to getting a great job in the workforce, but also for achieving a higher purpose: to glorify God in a desperately secular field. The need for both ingenious strategists and strong Christians has grown greater than ever in the intelligence field. Thus, the SI major is designed to train up both simultaneously to defend the nation and to bring God all the glory.

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Strategic Intelligence in National Security Major at Patrick Henry College

Strategic Intelligence in National Security Major at Patrick Henry College

Patrick Henry College (PHC) holds the reputation of being one of the top Christian colleges in the United States of America. This applies to each major offered at Patrick Henry College, not excluding minors applied to majors. This excellence is because of a strategic, unique formula which builds the PHC Strategic Intelligence program and sets it apart from any other BA-level program in Strategic Intelligence in National Security.

What is the formula that brings excellence and raises the Strategic Intelligence major at Patrick Henry College higher than the average BA-level program? That’s a valid question, and will be answered in detail. For now, the simple answer is this: a unique fusion of three distinctives sets PHC apart from any other college in the world, and the Liberal Arts focused program at Patrick Henry College is distinctly classical in its approach, American in presentation, with a Christian worldview.

The Only Christian College to Achieve this Standard of Excellence

One Specific Major at Patrick Henry College that upholds the reputation of excellence and implicates this unique formula is that of Strategic Intelligence in National Security. The PHC Strategic Intelligence major meets the requirements of the International Association for Intelligence Education. Patrick Henry College is also the only the second undergraduate program to obtain this certification and is the only Christian college or university to achieve this standard or professional excellence.

PHC’s Goal: Intelligence Discipline and Fully Equipped

What exactly is Strategic Intelligence at Patrick Henry College? This is explained in the goal of this major, this goal being twofold. Firstly, the major at PHC of Strategic Intelligence is to provide out students with an intensive and systematic study of the intelligence discipline. Secondly, the goal of the major is to fully equip our students so that they may influence and lead the intelligence and national security endeavors of the United States.

National security concerns have become closer to the forefront now that the world has become more globally oriented. As the American policy makers strive to make the United States of America a safer place, discovering new truth has become more important than ever, especially at Patrick Henry College. With the excellence and rare certification at PHC, the strategic intelligence major implicates the importance of discovering new truths.

Access to both accurate and relevant date is entirely dependent on the success of the United States intelligence force. At Patrick Henry College, the strategic intelligence major places a focus on a successful training for working in the US intelligence force. Ethical retrieval, study, and interpretation of information requires strategic operations and analysis grounded in strong morals, which is what PHC implicates in the SI major.

Get Ahead of Others

The Strategic Intelligence major at Patrick Henry College achieves excellence for its gradates not only in academics, but in experiences as well. Patrick Henry College’s SI program excels at placing PHC graduates ahead of others in the same industry. “PHC made good on their promise that when they gave me an education they would put me two to three years ahead of others professionally,” said a 2010 Alumnus, a now Unit Chief at a government agency.

Patrick Henry College believes in assisting the US government to make wise police decisions in the coming years. In the same way, PHC believes it is important to that those at the heart of power and influence engage the world around them with moral strength and courage. Patrick Henry College’s Strategic Intelligence program focuses mainly on training students as skilled analysts so that they will have a positive impact on the United States national security and policy-making decisions.

Patrick Henry College prepares our students to commit themselves to a generational opportunity for emerging, young leaders in the Intelligence profession. “PHC’s SI program is designed to help students succeed in the real world. The professors are renowned experts in their fields and the curriculum is designed to challenge students in a way that prepares them to excel outside of the academic environment,” said 2008 Alumnus, Senior Consultant at BAH.

A Unique Strategy

At Patrick Henry College, the Strategic Intelligence program equips students with a respect for the intelligence function and its role in defending a free society. The SI program at PHC also applies the excellence of the academics while cultivating SI student’s ability to anticipate moral, ethical, and mission challenges in order to defend the security of the United States.

Patrick Henry College faculty consult with a Board of Advisors comprised of nationally recognized experts in intelligence and national security. PHC’s SI program prepares students to be outstanding in intellectual professionals, by combining a classical liberal arts core curriculum, SI core courses, and major electives in intelligence with a strong focus on moral imagination and professionalism. Patrick Henry College students gain the knowledge, skills, and experience they need to compete effectively for positions in the intelligence and national security industries.

At Patrick Henry College, students are required to take a core curriculum which provides a comprehensive classical liberal arts education that prompts students to think carefully about life’s biggest questions. These questions are as follows: what is good, what is right, what is true? And the most important question: how ought Christians to go about addressing the world’s problems? The Strategic Intelligence core and electives of PHC tailor those questions to a distinctly National Security-oriented perspective.

Teaching to Serve

At Patrick Henry College, the teaching and discipline of intelligence focuses on examining government practices and questioning whether the objectives of government action in circumstances are required or permitted. Another focus of the SI major is questioning whether the objective and the action to achieve it is moral, and effective in achieving stated objectives; and, if not, explore different, wiser, more innovative, moral, and professionally ethical ways to achieve the objective. In doing this, PHC students are prepared with excellence for careers where they can most effectively serve.

“The opportunity to participate in and lead intelligence projects that are designed by current and former intelligence specialists is unmatched. Due to my experience in Patrick Henry College’s SI program, I not only gained an exceptional education but was propelled into an exciting and rewarding career upon graduation,” said 2008 Alumnus, Senior Consultant at BAH.





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