One-of-A-Kind Political Philosophy Program at Patrick Henry College: and it’s unique internships

One-of-A-Kind Political Philosophy Program at Patrick Henry College: and it’s unique internships

By Carrie Durning

How is the Political Philosophy program at Patrick Henry College Unique?

A Superior Approach

Patrick Henry College (PHC) is currently one of the top Christian collages in the country, located in Loudoun County, North of Washington D.C. PHC offers numerous majors working in unison to add a classical approach to the excellence in every BA-level program offered. A unique formula builds the Patrick Henry College courses, creating numerous unique majors, Political Philosophy included.

What makes the academic program at Patrick Henry College and the Political Philosophy major so unique and superior? The core and Political Philosophy program at Patrick Henry College is very classical in its approach, American in its presentation, with a Christian worldview. Here is a small description of each integrated into the Political Philosophy major.

Patrick Henry College Broad and Rich Distinctions

The classical core at Patrick Henry College is fundamental to all programs, with an emphasis on reading the great texts of Western Civilization, implementing strong analytical and reasoning skills, and producing excellent communicators. The PHC core also prioritizes the understanding the spirit of the American Founding, implementing history of the United States, Western Civilization, and Freedom’s Foundations.

The academics at Patrick Henry College is an education implements the deep and rich thinking of our Founding Fathers. PHC also holds to an unwavering commitment to the Christian worldview. Every course, from science to government to history and the humanities are taught through the thought of God’s revealed truth. PHC holds high the implementing of God’s world, work, the Bible, and through whom the Word became flesh: Jesus Christ.

With an academic rigor, commitment to America’s founding principles, and an unwavering worldview, Patrick Henry College teaches students to achieve the excellence they applied for – with the reputation that the college has earned nationally in the 20 years of its founding.

Engaging Foundational Questions

Studying Political Philosophy at Patrick Henry College is a track studied within the government major. The Political Philosophy track at PHC provides an idea opportunity for students to pursue studies which combine politics and philosophy. Political Philosophy students are taught to engage fundamental questions that exist at the heart of the political life.

The Political Philosophy track at Patrick Henry College is specifically geared toward students who want to engage philosophical ideas at a high level and apply those ideas to current problems. PHC students who desire to continue on to graduate school in political theory, political philosophy, or philosophy will be well served by the program, as will any student seeking a deeper understanding of the world we live in.

Political Philosophy students at PHC are equipped and taught to engage in fundamental questions that lie at the heart of the political life. Students at Patrick Henry College seek to understand the history of the political and philosophical ideas so they can better grapple with today’s challenges. PHC Political Philosophy students seek to better understand the nature of justice, the relationship between human nature and the good, and the characteristics of a healthy society. They also seek to understand and know the conditions necessary for human flourishing, to better themselves and the world around them.

Political Philosophy Internships: Communicating Truth

The apprenticeship component of Political Philosophy is geared primarily toward writing: either a thesis or shorter papers, to be used as writing samples. Also, depending on the career or future the student is gearing for, the Apprenticeship is often teaching. Patrick Henry College senior Mikael Good is majoring in Political Philosophy, and is completing an apprenticeship teaching at both the Loudoun County Classical School and Providence Prep.

Good came into contact with the headmaster of Loudoun Classical School through a class he taught at Patrick Henry College, and was asked to intern for the classical school. “This internship kind of fell into my lap, but that is what tends to happen when you have a personal relationship with your professors,” said Good. “My professors at PHC – especially the ones that teach my upper-levels, which usually consist of 4-10 students – know me as a person, know my work, and know my strengths and weaknesses. I’ve gotten a lot of cool opportunities from them, and I’m very grateful for that.”

At her apprenticeship, Good teaches Poetics & Progym II, making and executing 3 lesson plans a week, while also posting and grading assignments. “As I continue to teach, I hope to keep improving my ability to communicate the truth I know in a way that is understandable, compelling, and inspiring to others,” said Good. “Teaching has forced me to go beyond my own private understanding of ideas and recognize the aspects of those ideas that are profitable for all people.”

The Importance of Studying Philosophy at Patrick Henry College

Patrick Henry College students studying Political Philosophy will have the opportunity to work closely with three PHC professors: Dr. Bayer, Ph. D, Dr. Mitchell, Ph. D, and Dr. Roberts, Ph. D, as well as numerous others who will teach and implement the PHC core. Each of these professors have interests and specializations that provide Political Philosophy students at Patrick Henry College with a wide latitude for perusing areas of a particular interest with excellence.

Why should a PHC student study Philosophy? Philosophy implements highly remarkable, transferable skills. If a student’s ideal career includes thinking, talking, or writing, then philosophy will help that student prepare with the best of their abilities. Philosophy information is easy to acquire, and will soon be obsolete. What is valuable is not the content of the major, but instead it is the ability to think with and through the information a philosophy student is taught.

Patrick Henry College’s philosophy courses teaches and disciplines students to think clearly, which is a gift that can be applied in any line of work. With a liberal arts degree, students are more likely to be in demand than students who receive a BA degree in finance or accounting. In a time where chronic unemployment seems to demand hard skills, students are studying philosophy to prepare them for multiple jobs that they expect to succeed at in their lifetime, equipped with the skills they learned in studying philosophy.

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