Equipped for the Pursuit at Patrick Henry College

Equipped for the Pursuit at Patrick Henry College

By Beckett Millhouse

 Confronting the Important Questions

You can often tell a person’s priorities by examining the way they spend their time. In a world in which a thousand things vie for our attention, it’s essential to identify that which is most important to our lives and vigilantly defend the time we save for it. We often manage to carve out time for jobs, family, and studies, but if our lives are truly dedicated to glorifying the Lord in all that we do, we must take the time to equip ourselves for the study of his Holy Word.

As someone who grew up in a Christian household, I learned the correct answers to biblical questions at a young age. But I wholly lacked the tools with which to search God’s Word for the answers I didn’t have—the answers to questions that didn’t fit within the cookie cutter mold of Sunday-school theology.

Patrick Henry College refuses to allow those questions to go unanswered.  At Patrick Henry College, students are not only encouraged to wrestle with the deep questions of their faith, they are given the tools they need to find real answers.

The Biblical Studies Minor at Patrick Henry College

The Biblical Studies minor is an opportunity for Patrick Henry College students to pursue a more full understanding of what it means to be a follower of Christ. While some may consider this sort of minor a waste of time given its minimal impact on a career, Patrick Henry College stands for so much more.

Certainly, preparing our students for their future careers is a priority, but that preparation involves far more than just technical training for the sake of a promotion. At Patrick Henry College, we believe in holistic education—education that goes beyond a specific major and truly prepares students for life. It’s because there is nothing more important than a walk with Christ that fields of studies like the Biblical Studies Minor exists.

In order to live our lives well, we must recognize its deeper purpose and pursue that wholly. We all need foundations upon which to build up our faith. What better than to learn how to study God’s word?

A Rare Opportunity during your time at Patrick Henry College

Biblical Studies at Patrick Henry College isn’t just important, it’s a golden opportunity. As any Biblical Studies Minor will tell you, the quality of this program far surpasses any like it. If you ever ask them what the big deal is, the first thing they will mention is Dr. Darrel Cox. Dr. Cox is the director of the minor and teaches almost all of the upper division classes that make up its core curriculum. As Patrick Henry College Senior in the Biblical Studies Minor put it,

Dr. Cox is by far the best part of the BS minor at Patrick Henry College. His great knowledge of the subject matter is only rivaled by his unbelievably humble attitude and approachable demeanor. Class time with Dr. Cox feels a lot more like a bible study with friends than an actual class, and yet most the time, we are receiving graduate-level seminars with constant search and discussion of the Word.

He seamlessly blends casual conversation with incredibly wise insight and really brings the Bible to life in a way I have never seen before.

Dr. Cox is also a firm believer in students starting from square one at Patrick Henry College and building their faith themselves rather than depending on others to do it for them. Biblical Studies classes at Patrick Henry College uses an inductive approach, giving students the building blocks with which to build their faith, and allowing them to come to their own conclusions through a guided pursuit of truth. While other programs may train students what to think and do, Biblical Studies trains students how to think and allows them to explore God’s word for themselves.

An Impact for Everyone

The Patrick Henry College Biblical Studies Minor isn’t just for those called to pastor churches or work full time missions, it’s for every believer. While interviewing a Patrick Henry College Sophomore, I was struck by the way in which she described her experience with her Biblical Studies classes. She said,

I think it has impacted me so greatly because these classes more than any others cut to the heart of who we are. I’m not planning to go into ministry or even considering attending seminary later on, but studying the Bible in such a full way really opens your eyes to approach everything in your life from a biblical perspective.

Since I joined the program, I’m beginning to see the connections around me that I used to be blind to—the biblical issues of our world that are really more important than anything else. These aren’t just extra classes I have to take, they are a discipleship that has tremendously impacted my spiritual health. Every semester, the material we covered seems to end up being incredibly impactful to where I was spiritually, and I feel like God really spoke to me through my study.

Studying here at Patrick Henry College has fundamentally reshaped the way I approach my life.

A Calling for All while at Patrick Henry College

For anyone considering a college education, the things you choose to invest in are what shape your passions and desires. At Patrick Henry College, you have the opportunity to spiritually grow, to open your eyes to the spiritual truths that surround you, and to open your ears to God’s calling for your life—whether that be preaching from a pulpit, raising children with your spouse, or even flipping burgers at McDonalds.

Whoever you are and wherever you are going, the Biblical Studies is for you because it’s for everyone. As it is written in Proverbs 3: 1-2, “My son, do not forget my teaching, but keep my commands in your heart, for they will prolong your life many years and bring you peace and prosperity.” As believers we take Christ in our hearts wherever we go, why then shouldn’t we equip ourselves to study the bible well regardless of where we think we will end up?

This is our calling: to pursue God in all that we say and do. Let us then seek to run life’s race well—continually resting the word of the Lord and seeking His heart through our study of His holy scriptures.


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