Academic Minor Programs at Patrick Henry College

Academic Minor Programs at Patrick Henry College

By Rachel Cochran

Patrick Henry College highly values academic rigor and excellence. A big part of securing that in its curriculum is allowing students the flexibility in what they study. Patrick Henry College’s minors are a way to do that.

Patrick Henry College offers six different minors. As secondary academic studies, they are 15-21 credit hours and focus on a single discipline. As part of a classical Christian liberal arts education dedicated to high academic rigor, providing students with options is imperative.

Students at Patrick Henry College may select a maximum of six credits that fulfill a major requirement to be applied to the minor course of study provided that a minimum of 12 credits are unique to the minor.

Minors are options, and students who choose to minor may not choose one in the area of their discipline. Once declared, minors must be completed or withdrawn prior to graduation. Patrick Henry College prioritizes fidelity to the spirit of the American founding. As such, it seeks to provide students with the well-founded and vast education of the founders.

By presenting students with areas of study for them to pursue in the pursuit of knowledge and growth, Patrick Henry College is preserving for posterity the ideals behind the “noble experiment in ordered liberty”

Biblical Studies

The Biblical Studies minor at Patrick Henry College is designed for students who may be called to serve in full-time ministry or a service area. Students may want to major in a completely different field, but are able to pursue their calling through this minor.

The Biblical Studies minor opens the door for students to pursue avenues like para-church organizations (educational, missions, or non-profit). Patrick Henry College provides students with the opportunity to go on mission trips to put their faith into action.

Even students who are called to law, government, or commerce may benefit from a minor in Biblical Studies by removing the sacred/secular distinctions in the church and culture, learning how to be salt and light in their vocations, and learning to lead as parents, citizens, and followers of Christ.


The Classics Minor at Patrick Henry College focuses on preparing students either for graduate school in the classics or to gain a firm grasp on a traditional classical education. As students progress through a Classics Minor, they will learn from the greatest texts in history, and become trained in Greek, Latin, Roman history, art, and literature.

Students who are pursing majors in any area are sure to find a Classics minor advantageous for graduate school or career pursuits. Any student who wishes to possess a traditional classical education that has dominated western civilization for thousands of years should study a Classics minor.


The History minor at Patrick Henry College is rigorous and teaches students to become fully trained in research methods, historiography, and the histories of a variety of eras and locales. The in-depth lectures paired with extensive research projects are sure to train any student in the discipline of history.

Students will learn to read and write excellently as they draw from the authors that shaped America and western civilization. They are prepared for a variety of vocations rooted in the liberal arts, including law, art history, classics, music, philosophy, and political theory.


The Journalism minor at Patrick Henry College prepares students of any major to write for news and other non-fiction publications. Students who have an interest in the news or want to learn how to write non-fiction are best suited for this minor.

Patrick Henry College is dedicated to excellence and a commitment to an unwavering biblical worldview. This framework impacts the students as they learn to write articles that reflect God’s truth, and to the see the world clearly and help others see it clearly too.

Students will develop basic writing and reporting skills and be introduced to key concepts that will help them develop a biblical understanding of journalism. While learning multi-media skills, students will also get experience writing articles, conducting interviews, and get a decent grasp of media law. The Journalism minor at Patrick Henry College also prepares students to work in related fields such as communications and public relations.


Study your favorite books with Patrick Henry College’s Literature minor. Whether students are planning to study Environmental Science & Stewardship, or whether they are anticipating going into law, adding a literature minor is a viable asset.

The Literature minor at Patrick Henry College offers students the opportunity to enrich their education with the discipline of literature. Students emerge from the Literature Minor trained in literature from a variety of perspectives: historical, philosophical, and artistic. They are prepared for a variety of vocations rooted in the liberal arts, including law, theology, classics, and communication.


Always wanted to pick up piano or play in an orchestra? Patrick Henry College’s Music minor is just for you. It offers students specialized instruction and experience in music, reinforcing and building on the solid foundation of the liberal arts core.

Creating and appreciating beauty is so important in the liberal arts. That’s why Patrick Henry College offers its students courses in Music Theory, Aural Skills, Conducting, Music Pedagogy, and Art and Worship in the Church.

With this foundation, students may also participate in instrumental or vocal ensembles and will study applied music to complete their degree requirements.


Patrick Henry College seeks to provide its students the opportunity to pursue knowledge at its deepest level in the Philosophy minor.

Students will take four foundational philosophy courses: Metaphysics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Religion, and Ethics. Students emerge with a foundational understanding of both historical and contemporary philosophy. They are prepared for a variety of vocations rooted in the liberal arts such as philosophy, law, writing, and public policy.

With the wide range of minors offered at Patrick Henry Colleges, students are sure to find great resources for their education. Whether wanting to pursue a certain field of study or add a unique major-minor combination to their resumé, students are given the ability to tailor their education to their interests and pursue their vocation.


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