Patrick Henry College exists to prepare godly men and women to live out their God-given vocations in to the best of their ability for the benefit of the culture and the glory of God.

First, Patrick Henry College’s academic program rivals the academic strength of any Ivy League or elite institution. Patrick Henry College selects the best and brightest students who consistently rank among the highest in the nation on standardized tests. More importantly, they have made a commitment to follow Christ and seek His will.F_Cupola, fall leaves

Second, our nation and the ideals behind its founding must be preserved for future generations. To ensure graduates possess a profound appreciation for our country and the liberty it provides, every PHC student must understand our nation’s founding through the study of required courses in American Heritage such as Constitutional Law, Freedom’s Foundations, Western Civilization, and U.S. History.

Third, high academic rigor and conservative principles are insufficient unless informed by the belief that God is the source of all Truth. Patrick Henry College has taken specific measures to ensure its commitment to a biblical worldview. Patrick Henry College’s Statement of Faith is affirmed and signed by all students, staff, faculty, and trustees. In addition, members of the faculty, administrators, and trustees also affirm and sign a Statement of Biblical Worldview, further emphasizing Patrick Henry College’s Christian mission.

Patrick Henry College is the only college in America dedicated to all three of these distinctions.